Lumber Supplies—Great Purchasing Advice For A Custom Deck

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Lumber Supplies—Great Purchasing Advice For A Custom Deck

17 May 2023
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If you're thinking about developing a custom deck around your property, lumber is a great material to use because it's relatively cheap, easy to work with, and comes in many varieties. You can be happy with how it works out for a custom deck project if you remember the following investment tips. 

Ensure Structural Parts Can Support Ample Weight

There will be parts of your custom deck that serve a structural role. Such is the case for parts like the railing, joists, and posts underneath. All these parts should feature lumber that can support a lot of weight so that your custom deck remains a safe place to be long-term.

A couple of aspects affect the structural durability of lumber that you can find from a supplier, including lumber thickness and protective treatment. For instance, if you purchased thicker sections of lumber that were pressure-treated, you'll get more durability out of these pieces.

Carefully Assess Different Lumber Species

Lumber is a material that can vary in species. Some of the more popular options for custom decks include cedar, pine, and redwood. Take some time to look at the different options, so that you can assess them objectively and ultimately find the right selection.

Review each lumber species' physical properties, aesthetics, and ability to resist the elements. Also, try to envision the different wood species around your property. After enough analysis, you can pick a species that you're confident in and then complete a custom wood deck build with success. 

Take Time to Refine the Deck's Dimensions

Once you find a lumber species you want to purchase for a custom deck, now you're ready to figure out how much lumber you'll need from a supplier. You won't have to guess if you take some time to refine your deck's dimensions.

First, determine where the deck will go and then examine the available space. You can then narrow down the dimensions of this deck, including its length, width, and height. Take these figures to a lumber supplier and have them provide lumber quantity totals that are perfect for the scale of this deck project. 

If you plan to build a custom deck out of lumber, you'll make some important decisions regarding the lumber species and quantity you get from a supplier. As long as you understand what type of deck you're looking to build, it will be easy to refine these lumber details. 

Contact a local service provider to learn more about lumber supplies.

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