Maintenance Advice For Laser Grading Machines

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Maintenance Advice For Laser Grading Machines

23 March 2022
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If you use a laser grading machine a lot for construction operations, then you want to take the right maintenance steps. Here are several that will keep this machinery leveling surfaces in a refined and safe manner consistently. 

Inspect Blades Consistently  

The part of your laser grading machine that will be actually touching surfaces is the blade portion. It can treat a lot of different surface conditions, but to ensure it performs optimally long-term, visual inspections will be required.

In fact, you should inspect these blades before each grading project around a construction site. Keep an eye out for things like splitting, adhesive joint failure, and chipping. If any of these problems are present, have a professional see if they can be repaired. If not, you'll need to replace these blades before using your laser grading machine again.

Make Sure Laser Technology is Properly Calibrated

In order to use blades on your laser grading machine optimally, you need to make sure the laser technology involved is properly calibrated. Otherwise, you might not angle the blades correctly and then leave them more exposed to harmful conditions. You can hire a professional to check this aspect of your laser grading equipment.

If the laser technology is off even just by a little, they can inform you on what adjustments are needed to properly set up blades before starting any more grading work around a site. Carry out these laser calibration assessments periodically so that you can always make sure your blades are properly set up. 

Replace Air Filters

Your laser grading machine will rely on an air filter to keep particles from entering the fuel system. It's a component that has to be swapped out after a certain period of time because otherwise, it will get too dirty and thus cause your grading machine to consume more fuel than normal. That's wasted costs you can easily avoid with proper air filter replacements.

All you need to do is assess the type of air filter your laser grading machine relies on and then see what the manufacturer suggests for a changeout schedule. If the air filter gets extremely dirty before this time interval, still change this component.

Laser grading machines are capable of grading surfaces in a refined manner, but to keep this optimal performance going, you need to take the right actions from a maintenance standpoint. If you do, this grading equipment won't leave you with stressful surprises. 

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