Things To Consider When Looking For A Spool Trailer

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Things To Consider When Looking For A Spool Trailer

3 October 2019
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Spool trailers are found in many different industries and are just what they sound like. A spool trailer is a heavy-duty trailer that holds a large steel or wooden spool and allows the cable, hose, or wire on the spool to be laid out or pulled from it. An ESP spool trailer may be very simple in design or have some more advanced features, so look around at what is available to get the right trailer for your needs.

Basic Spool Trailers

The most basic design when it comes to spool trailers is a flatbed trailer that has a set of uprights and a center shaft connecting them. The spool goes on the shaft and unrolls manually as you pull the hose or cable out. These are inexpensive but harder to work with than trailers with more features. The cost is also lower, so for a small operation, something basic may be the best option for you. 

Advanced Spool Trailers

Spool trailers can be very advanced and hold a lot of weight, depending on the design and size of the trailer. Many have hydraulic systems to power parts of the trailer, and some even have air brakes on the trailer that help stop the weight of the trailer when you are towing it.

Often, hydraulic systems are used on the bigger spool trailers that power the arms on the trailer that hold the spool. The arms can move, so you can lift the spool from the ground and into place on the trailer without a forklift or crane. The trailer only needs to back up to the spool and then the arms are lowered and connected to the spool. The hydraulic systems provide the strength to lift the spool and position it over the trailer.

Power Spooling

If you need to be able to put the hose or cable back on the spool, you need to consider a spool trailer that has the option to power the spool and wind in the cable or hose. The power for the spool may be an electric motor or a hydraulic pump, and while both are strong, make sure you get a trailer with enough power to roll up the spool and its contents easily. 

If you are using hydraulics on the trailer, the system will need power, so you need to be sure your truck has the right connections installed. The dealer that you buy the trailer from can help you install the right plugs and connectors in most cases.  

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