Three Disasters To Prepare For To Keep Your Barn Intact

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Three Disasters To Prepare For To Keep Your Barn Intact

13 July 2015
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If you live on a farm or ranch, you understand just how important your barn is to the success of your operation. Not only does it provide a place to store crops, equipment, and other necessities, it houses your livestock as well. Being prepared for these three disasters will ensure your barn stays fully intact.


When rain fails to fall and conditions are dry, it increases the chances for disasters caused by fire. Barn fires can also be caused by an electrical storm, faulty electrical wiring, or sparks from motors. No matter how they are caused, it's important to be prepared for them. One way to do this is to make sure you either have a fire suppression system installed or make sure there are fire extinguishers close by.

Due to the amounts of dust in a barn, smoke detectors generally don't work well. Instead, either a thermal detector or flame detector is recommended. Some barn owners opt for technology that allows a fire detection system to be connected to a telephone dialer that automatically places a call to your phone and to emergency responders.


If you live in a colder part of the country where large amounts of snow, high winds, and freezing temperatures can happen in the winter, you will want to prepare your barn for blizzards. The good news about blizzards is they are usually predicted well in advance, which helps farmers and ranchers prepare for them. If you have livestock in your barn, you will want to ensure they have plenty of forage to eat and water to drink in case you can't get to the barn for a couple of days.

Sometimes during blizzards and snow storms, high winds and heavy snowfall causes damage to power lines. When this happens, having a generator on hand can keep heating systems and water pumps going.


If your barn is located in a low-lying area, you may need to consider the potential possibility of flash floods. This type of disaster usually happens quickly, so it is important you have a plan in place for when they do happen. Since power failure can occur during flash floods, make sure you have generators ready to use and keep them stored on higher ground. It is also a good idea to make sure your generators are in working order. If they aren't, be sure to get them repaired right away.

By being prepared for these three types of disasters, it will better your chances of keeping your barn fully operational.

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